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Nurture integrity, dedication, creativity

I. Foundational Development 
Originating from a family business with over 30 years of experience and evolution across generations of employees, we prioritize nurturing and congregating ambitious, aspirational members. Integrity, dedication, and creativity guide us. We believe in the boundless potential of human development, aiming to uncover the intrinsic strength within each individual, thus unlocking and elevating the value of Vietnamese human resources.

II. Aspirations
With an ambition to be among the best places to work in both Vietnam and Cuba, we’ve adopted a mission: “Vietnamese Talent Building a Vietnamese Brand”. This aligns seamlessly with Thai Binh Corp’s mission to “Introduce Vietnamese Products to the World, contributing to the establishment of a recognized Vietnamese brand.”

III. Leadership and Innovation
We continually adopt a pioneering mindset, embracing challenges and crafting innovative strategies and human resources solutions to propel Thai Binh Corp swiftly on its path to realize the century dream of a sustainable Vietnamese enterprise.

IV. Our Commitment
Through relentless effort and unwavering commitment, we are constructing a team wherein every ThaiBinh-er is a fulfilled talent. A place where everyone can be true to themselves, shine within their individual value aligned with our collective ones, and create accomplishments that contribute to the development of the community and society at large.

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The Culture at Thai Binh Corporation

At Thai Binh, we foster a welcoming and harmonious environment. We value and respect the uniqueness of every individual, believing that you will continually mature, learn, and evolve. We are committed to facilitating all the necessary conditions to help you reach your objectives, with the philosophy, "You're not just an employee; you're a member.
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Prioritizing Employee Well-being and Benefits

We hold our employees' physical and mental well-being in the highest regard. Explore our comprehensive benefits package, encompassing rewards, healthcare, family care, insurance, cultural engagement, learning opportunities, and beyond.
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