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Thai Binh set sight on growing in Cuba.

Published: 21/04/2024

Manuel Marrero Cruz, a member of the Political Bureau and the Prime Minister, discussed with the president of Thai Binh Corp, one of the major foreign investors in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

The Prime Minister appreciated the Thai Binh’s contributions as it has operated in Cuba for over 25 years, focusing on key economic and social development areas. Thai Binh Corp is well-known for producing detergents, disposable diapers, wet wipes, and sanitary pads, and its investments in renewable energy…

Marrero Cruz highlighted the Thai Binh’s role in promoting trade relations between the two countries and assured Cuba is committed to implementing strategies that enhance financial management efficiency.

Tu Tran Thanh, the President of Thai Binh’s Board of Founders, stated that despite the challenges faced by Cuba, they remain dedicated to new investment opportunities.

Vietnam is the Island’s second-largest trading partner and the region’s largest investor in Asia in the country of the Antilles archipelago (Cuba).

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